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As a follower of Christ, I'm drawn to Jesus' words when he said, "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." We were all meant to live lives full of joy, hope, peace and fulfillment. But we all know life can throw curve balls and disappointments our way. At Full Life Counseling, my goal is to guide people back into the full living we were created to enjoy.

I'm a Texas A&M alum and went on to receive a graduate degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Abilene Christian University. My professional life has been in counseling and ministry. Couples counseling is my passion.

I love working with couples to transform their relationship into something that is a blessing to both individuals. My clients have had success in overcoming infidelity, eliminating conflict and strife, addressing sexual difficulties, and experiencing intimate connection at a deeper level. For those who are hurting in other ways, I have experience helping individuals through divorce, addiction issues, men's issues, depression, social struggles, parenting, grief and debt recovery.


I've been in private practice since 2001. My counseling style balances theory and technique with a straight forward common sense approach. Imagine having a conversation with a friend who cares enough to tell you the truth. You'll gain new insights to complement strength and wisdom you already possess.

My wife Lezli and I enjoy facilitating a marriage enrichment  course designed to revive intimacy and romance in your marriage. We've raised four incredible children. I look forward to helping you grow through the difficulty you may be having and once again living life to the full!

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